Difference Between Big Data vs. Data Science

Difference Between Big Data vs. Data Science

The term Big Data relates to enormous datasets inside which a lot of information gets encrypted. This Big Data can be analyzed computationally by making use of advanced analytics techniques to extract the encrypted information, uncover hidden patterns, unknown trends & correlations. This whole process of analyzing Big Data cannot be precisely done by using traditional data analysis methods.

Mostly, as Big Data comes in an unstructured format, analyzing it requires the use of advanced data modeling techniques, tools, and systems to extract insights from the data accurately. This is where Data Science comes to the play. Having the presence of the most complex tools & analytics algorithm models, Data Science is regarded as the best approach to perform analytical operations on Big Data. Gain clear insights into the functioning process of Data Science by joining us for the best Data Science Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

Now, let’s take a close look at the differences between Data Science & Big Data technologies

Data Science vs. Big Data-

As we all know that Big Data relates to a relatively large volume of data that cannot be handled by traditional programming approaches whereas, Data Science is a multidisciplinary technology that applies mathematical and statistical ideas and computer tools to process large sets of Big Data.

Big Data comprises of multiple data types that are generated from various sources, whereas Data Science comprises of technologies to analyze & extract the insights from the data. Data Science also helps enterprises in taking accurate data-driven decisions.

The process of Big Data analysis involves extracting insights from a large set of Big Data. Contrary to analysis, Data Science can help in designing computer systems that are capable of predicting accurately by analyzing the data with the help of advanced algorithms in Machine Learning & statistical models.

The applications of Big Data include Financial Services, Telecommunications, Optimizing business processes, Performance optimization, whereas the applications of Data Science include Internet search Digital advertisements, Search recommenders, Image/Speech recognition.

The technologies of Big Data & Data Science are currently in-trend in the present analytics industry.